Loopmasters Remix Contest!


If you’re like me and you love the opportunity to remix great tracks in an attempt to get free gear, you’re gonna want to get in on this one! Loopmasters along with Producertech and Novation are giving away a Mini Nova, some classes in production techniques, and a boat load of sample packs! It’s hard to pass up that amount of awesome. Here’s a quote from the website,

“Producertech are excited to offer you the opportunity to remix a track from Loopmaster’s new Producer Sample Pack, the Guy J Transitions EP. This sample pack is a brand new concept, containing the mastered tracks from an EP, along with all the content used to make them – all the loops, hits and stems, as well as Rex files and Sampler patches.

Entrants to the competition are provided with most of the audio and presets from one of the EP tracks ‘Transitions’, free of charge…”

You can listen to the original track below.

Time to sharpen up those remixing chops and win yourself some gear!


That’s not the only thing going on over at Loopmasters. Right now Plugin Boutique is doing 50% the Waves Gold Bundle and the Waves Native Powerpack! And anyone familiar with 3rd Party VSTs will tell you that Waves are second to none.

Waves Gold Sale

Waves Native Powerpack Sale

Well that’s all for now. Be sure to check back often for the most current deals from Loopmasters and Plugin Boutique. If you would like a discount code to get 20% Loopmasters or 10% Plugin Boutique products, drop me a line in the comments and I will give you the code!


Weekly Music Chart: Nov 5th – Nov 9th 2012 – New Feature!

So I’m going to start doing this every Friday where I post a weekly music chart. Use it as suggested listening throughout the rest of the week while your waiting to hear the next chart! Here is the first ten.

Electrixx – Cyclus – Video Link

Noisia – Tryhard – Video Link

Noisestorm – Backlash – Video Link

Kill The Noise – Rockers – Video Link

Knife Party – Rage Valley – Video Link

Madeon – Finale (Netsky Remix) – Video Link

Deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner – Channel 42 – Video Link

Zedd – Codec – Video Link

Steve Aoki – Cudi The Kid, ft Kid Cudi and Travis Barker – Video Link – CREEPY CLOWN WARNING!

Zomboy – Nuclear (Hands Up) – Video Link

Finalizing The EP And The Year

All the writing is officially done for the If / Then EP. I’ve intentionally left everyone in the dark as far as what the songs on the album are. I wanted the entire album to be a surprise. I didn’t want it to be laced with remixes that everyone is tired of hearing on YouTube etc…

Old Artwork Idea

Old Artwork Idea… To be replaced with current WIP

Now that I’ll need to spend a chunk of time prepping the tracks for Mastering by the great Cain Kong I won’t have as much time to spend in the lab thinking of new tracks and playing with synths. It’s time to take care of some business and finalize what’s left of 2012 and get ready for what’s to come in 2013.

I’m really looking forward to dropping this EP! I’ve put a lot of myself into it and I hope everyone likes it. I want to thank Cain Kong and Phrasor for helping me get through the tracking process and helping this EP become a reality.

In other news, Loopmasters and Plugin Boutique are running some SERIOUS deals right now and I don’t want any of yous producer cats to miss out on this stuff. So I’ll be doing a couple posts highlighting the best deals they have right now. I love that I can help to promote such great products!


I only promote this stuff to try and spread the love around so more people can get in on the great samples and plugins available. I’m talking Free Massive patches, half off Waves stuffs, and even remix contests! Check the blog and see for yourself.

Loopmasters Has New Stuffs!!!

As a huge fan of Loopmasters and their sister site Plugin Boutique, it is always huge news when they drop something new on us. Earlier in the week Plugin Boutique announced iZotope‘s Stutter Edit had become available. Now Loopmasters has, “Patchworx.” It’s a line of patches and presets specifically for the soft-synths we have come to cherish almost as much as their hardware ancestors. Here is their link for some free presets!

Loopmasters Patchworx

Link to Loopmasters Patchworx

And if you’re like me, you can’t get enough free VST plugins! Here is Plugin Boutique’s latest press release.

Pluginboutique.com Launch new Free Plugins Area!

Pluginboutique.com, Loopmasters sister website dedicated to selling music software and plugins online has just released a brand new custom area dedicated to sourcing the best free plugins for producers worldwide!

Featuring all types of plugins including Bit Crushers, Chorus, Delay, Filters, Distortion, EQ, Drum Machines, Flangers, Gates, Limiters, Phasers, Modulators, Synths, Mastering plugins and much more including charts to show you the most downloaded and top rated.

Once you are signed up at the site you simply select the plugins you want and they are added to your account to download, and whats more you will also be notified when any of them are updated so you always have the most current versions of them on your computer. If you have the time you can also rate the plugins on a variety of merits in order to help fellow producers choose the best plugins for themselves.

Currently the new free area has plugins from companies including Inear Display, 7air Media, Vladgsound, Distorque, Sinevibes, Melda, Variety of Sound, Softrave, Blue Cat Audio, Minimal System Instruments, GTG Synths and many more.

http://www.pluginboutique.com/free is your new url for free plugins online – check out the new site today!

Compressors II

This article is copied via http://www.alpha-phase.com/ courtesy of Fraser Murray (@PhrasorOfficial). Thanks Phrasor for all the great compression lessons!

– Differences between analogue and Digital compressors.
– Lookahead & Sidechaining
– Limiting and compression
– Cool tricks!

Continuing on from my last post on compression, this one will look into the reasons to use the super-fast digital compressors and when to use the more gentle, warmer analogue versions. Both statements there are sweeping, take them with a pinch of salt.

Anything made in the real world i.e (not a plugin) will have discrete circuitry within it, which will color the sound to varying amounts depending on the design principle of the particular compressor.

Compression can be achieved in a number of ways. You can compress the top peaks of the sound, bringing the maximum volume down. This is “downward compression”

The opposite to this is achieved via “Parallel Compression” which is worthy of a post all of it’s own. The way parallel reduces dynamic range is from the bottom up, making it “Upward Compression”

Most compressors will offer differing modes which hint at what the compressor is to used for.

RMS (Average-sensing)
FET (Peak-sensing)
Opto (light-sensing)

RMS sensing compressors are the most common. They have the option of reacting fairly quickly if they are programmed correctly, whilst retaining the ability to be “invisible” at lower levels of compression. They pump less than Peak sensing compressors, but more than Opto compressors. Due to the utility of RMS compressors these are the “go-to” compressors in most engineer’s sonic arsenal.

Peak sensing compressors act fast. Very fast. These compressors are used where catching transients is of utmost importance. One might use this type of compression for catching loud transients on a vocal recording, fixing sibilance or smashing a snare drum hard.
Peak Limiters are also Peak sensing, hence the name.

Optoelectronic devices react to light by increasing or decreasing resistance, depending on how bright a lamp within the item is.
This brings inertia, non-linearity and pseudo-randomness to whatever it is being applied to. In our case, Opto compressors.

Due to the non linearity of the system, the “Attack” and “Release” parameters are much less accurate, and used more as a guideline. Opto compressors are generally incapable of very high ratios or quick attack times, so not too helpful for individuals drums etc.
Where opto-electronic compressors really shine, however, is being used on more delicate sources. Across the bus for a whole drum or vocal mix perhaps. I use them on plucked synth sounds to really round out the sound. The non-linear way that optoelectronic compressors work is similar to how the ear perceives volume differences, which makes the compression sound extremely natural and open.

New Production Tutorials Page!

So I’ve started doing a few audio production tutorials here and there. If people seem to like it, or if it seems like my tutorials are helpful to people then I will keep making them too! I want to try to give back to the community that has given me so much recently. There aren’t any other people on the internet quite like audio producers!

Speaking of producers; my friend Fraser Murray has his own blog over at http://alpha-phase.com/ where he’s got some great bits. Oh AND he will soon be adding my tutorials to his page! Go over there and encourage him to get his Podcast started, of which I am on the list to be a guest. So we need all the help we can get. Like the pages, share the posts, comment on the vids! You help this content get to the people who need to see it. I scoured the internet looking for answers about sidechaining with 3rd party VSTs in Ableton. Most places were people on forums saying it wasn’t possible and that you were stuck using Ableton’s native compressor. (Which is a great compressor too!) I knew this couldn’t be the case and so I pressed on. Eventually I found it… buried comfortable amidst a list of search results for “Multiband Compression”, a different subject entirely. I will provide a link to the original tutorial on my tutorial page for Sidechaining 3rd Party VSTs. I want it to be easier for people like you and me to find this kind of information presented in a way that makes it easy to understand if you’re following along. At any rate, I did find the information and it’s to those people that I want to say, “Big Ups!” and give back some of their awesomeness!

Production Tutorials Page!

Beatport Play / Skrillex Remix Competition

Now is the time and the time is now! I need your vote to help my chances in the Beatport Play / Skrillex remix competition! This time round the remixers were asked to mix Skrillex and Damian Marley’s recent hit, “Make It Bun Dem”, a Skrillex style dubstep track with a Raggae vibe because of Marley and the obvious syncopation. 🙂

My remix is Electro House, ala Porter Robinson, Zedd, etc… I’ll give you bonus points if you can name the track that I got the samples for the glitchy half-time part right after the second chorus.

Beatport and Skrillex provided the STEMS for the project which included a Vocal, Guitar, and Synth tracks… The Synth track included all the Basslines and everything that wasn’t Vocals or Guitar, and the Drums were left to the remixers to figure out for themselves. I personally sampled sounds from various places to get the Hook, and the glitchy basses , drums, etc… The only STEM I used was Marley’s vocal track. I replaced the guitar track with my own piano, styled by layering a couple of Reason’s Combinator pianos. I immediately turned to Zedd’s remixes of some of Skrillex’ previous work for some low end grime and that electro feel that Zedd nails so well.

Anyway I’m dying to know what you all think! This is my first remix so I’m expecting some criticism. But that’s how you grow! That’s how you get better. If someone points something out, I’ll listen to it and hear what they mean, and find a solution to that problem in the future. I love the process. So help me out. Drop a comment here or on YouTube or Beatport or anywhere and I’ll get it. Thank you in advance for taking the time to go vote.